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Key Benefits of Mineral Mine Mineral Makeup

 Experience ultimate satisfaction in selecting from a cosmetics line boasting quality and developing innovative product  that keep Annie's cosmetics at the top of the cosmetic industry. We have an extensive library colors to choose from, make it easy for you to stay on top of the latest beauty trends, with seasonal and of-the-moment color introductions, and wardrobe of classic shades that never go out of style. chemists latest advance in skincare technology,  

Our minerals consist of natural pigments including titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides, freeze dried vitamins A, E and D, lavender based aromatherapy with essential extracts and contains no talc, dyes or alcohol.

Healthy Makeup for Healthy Skin

This skin healthy formula works to replenish, protect, soothe and smooth the skin for a natural flawless complexion. They are very low risk to sensitive skin, a nearly zero allergy risk and are very water resistant so you can look great while enjoying your active lifestyle.

4-in-1 Foundation

Light reflective mineral foundation minimizes the appearance of fine lines without adding shine while providing weightless supreme coverage and provides a chemical free natural sun protection. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for problematic skin. Effortless and easy to use, our mineral foundations are a four-in-one product: concealer, foundation, powder and sun protector.

Apply Anywhere

Because Annie's mineral products contain only skin healthy ingredients and are dye-free, the foundations, blush and eyeshadows can be used anywhere on the face. Minerals are great to wear anywhere, especially on the face, décolleté, arms and legs without transferring onto clothing.

Less is More

When using Annie's mineral makeup, less is more. We use natural pigments instead of dyes, so a little goes a long way. When you first apply the mineral foundation, it will look very sheer but you will see as it sits on your skin the color will develop. Give it a minute and you will start to see the beautiful natural coverage.


Paraben Free Lipstick

A pure pigment lipstick that is incredibly long lasting with coverage in a rich luxurious formula made with sweet almond and jojoba oils, that won’t feather or smudge.



1. Vegetable Oils

We only use vegetable oils that are nutrient-rich, food-grade oils, extracted naturally by expeller or cold-pressed methods. Use them as beneficial carrier oils for essential oils and herbal extracts to provide valuable vitamins and fatty acids.

2. Waxes & Butters

We offer exquisite butters and waxes that naturally protect, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Along with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, the emollient properties are tremendously beneficial in natural skin and body care products.
Certain waxes have invaluable uses in personal care. Our discriminating selection of only a few waxes is based on their therapeutic properties, the extraction methods employed, and the aesthetic quality they provide to the product. Some waxes are perfect as they are, such as shea butter and floral waxes. These, as well as the other waxes we offer, are indispensable as raw materials in skin care. For the creation of exquisite salves, lip balms, ointments, and luxurious massage products, we highly recommend incorporating these precious ingredients. Ask one of our knowledgeable representatives for recommendations. 
Our full-service contract manufacturing facility specializes in the production of custom natural products using superior ingredients from suppliers worldwide who share our belief in the benefits of botanicals. Today, we create and manufacture skin care, and aromatherapy products for some of the most prestigious company, From retail products and professional lines, we offer complete customization to fit your unique needs.
Our formulations feature nature's most precious therapeutic ingredients and essential oils, derived from plant material according to the most advanced technological methods, these ingredients revitalize, repair, replenish, moisturize, soothe, nourish, detoxify, soften, penetrate, protect, and transform the skin to healthy complexion. Naturally. We do not use parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, or other harsh ingredients in our formulas. We do not test on animals.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and a visible measure of our health. Responding to the emotional and physical activities of our every moment, it is not simply a barrier that protects and conceals the inner body, it is a constantly functioning part of an entire network. 
The pure and natural ingredients in the skin care products we offer for retail and amenity programs—have been meticulously selected to support the incredible system that is our skin. Our products feature natural preservative systems, organic emulsifiers, potent essential oils, organic extracts, and scientifically-tested highly-effective active ingredients. We offer the most current botanical actives for firming, brightening, cellular renewal, anti-oxidant protection, anti-acne protection, exfoliating, and moisturizing.


Knowing your skin type is essential to taking proper care of your face as it allows you to choose the appropriate skin care products.
Generally, the skin is defined in 2 ways; according to its type and its state.
Skin type becomes evident at around age 15, and includes dry skin, oily or combination skin, and normal skin, dehydrated skin. Your skin type may change over time with age, environment and stress, even food allergies.
The state can be temporary or become permanent.  Skin may lack radiance, be dehydrated and/or sensitive, display fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, a loss of firmness, or enlarged pores with acne.
These different skin types and states may be recognized visually.

Dry skin is generally associated with a lipid production dysfunction at the epidermal level.
Skin dryness is exacerbated by factors like age, cleansers and tonics that are not adapted to the skin type, diet (lack of essential fatty acids) high alcohol consumption, the sun, extreme climates change
 and inappropriate protection from these climates.

Dry skin results in:
- a fine and even skin texture
- a matte appearance
- constant sensations of discomfort, dryness, and tugging over the entire face
- skin irritation and cutaneous sensitivity over th
e entire face
- the appearance of fine lines and roughness over the entire face.


Oily skin is skin that produces too much sebum.
This skin type is genetic, but it may also be caused by internal factors (hormonal changes) and external factors (warm, humid climates, cleansing products that are too aggressive or inappropriate for the skin type and which leave the skin unbalanced).excess sugar content in the diet( soda, juice, and candy constipation), too much diary products, yogurt milk or cheese.
 The following effects are observed:
- an overproduction of sebum, which leaves skin looking shiny, especially in the T-zone
- enlarged pores
- skin imperfections (blackheads, pimples, localized irritation)
- a dull complexion
 “Combination skin” occurs when the T-zone is oilier than the rest of the face.


Dehydrated skin lacks moisture.  skin may occasionally  effective by the climate change, skin may become dehydrated.
 Skin dehydration is exacerbated by factors such as age, cleansers and tonics that are not adapted to the skin type, the sun,and with stressed, extreme climates and inappropriate protection from these climates.
This skin state results in:
-  constant sensations of discomfort and localized or occasional tugging of the skin
-  fine lines and rough skin in the dehydrated areas
- a dull complexion, a lack of radiance
- “normal” sebum production in the T-zone


Skin sensitivity affects all skin types. You may have sensitive skin from birth or it may become sensitive over the course of time because of the use of cosmetic or skin care products which are not adapted to your skin type, your way of life (stress, tobacco use, diet) or due to harmful environmental stress (climate, pollution, excessive sun exposure).
Skin that is sensitive or prone to irritation may be painful and result in blotchiness with rosacea, which may systematically appear upon contact with water or due to stress or specially changes in climate.