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Good Skincare, Good Makeup, Good Diet

Posted by Annie Cheong- Annies Cosmetics on

All of my clients are always on the look-out for the formula to perfect skin. Some believe that it's the combination of simply using skin-care products while others believe that it's just finding your right tone of make-up. As a licensed esthetician with over 30 years experience in facial beauty as well as the cosmetics industry, I'm here to tell you that the surprising answer is that it's not just what you put on your face. What should come to the point of realization is what you put into your body. Healthy eating is so important to your skin and often not seen to be correlated with how your skin looks. When you might experience a break-out on your skin, the excuse might be age, misuse of products, food allergies, or even hormones, when it should be the food that could be the reason. For example, chocolate and eating too much tomatoes have been known to make you break-out due to the acidity levels found in each. Too much acidity in the body can cause a rash-like symptom on the skin and can increase the intensity of those who have rosacea. There could be an itching feeling and in some severe cases a blister can form. The remedy to this would be to balance your diet with foods that contain high levels of Alkaline. Too much acidity, also found in alcohol, dehydrates your body leaving your skin inflamed and dried out. High-Alkaline foods such as beets and cucumbers help balance your whole body from the inside and help detox the acidity. The key is awareness of how to keep your diet in balance by knowing and tracing your symptoms of breaking out. So find out what your diet consists of and see if you need to add either more acidity or more alkaline to your diet to help combat skin problems from within. My conclusion is that it’s not just skincare products and consultations that will get rid of your symptoms, but your diet and lifestyle will help tremendously as well. My ‘perfect skin’ formula that I’ve learned from over the years and what I tell my customers is that it’s all about good skincare, having natural hypoallergenic make-up and having a clean balanced diet to achieve the skin of your dream